Street Factory

At Street Factory CIC, We Toby G & Jo have been connecting audiences, young people, artists and practitioners for the last ten years, in and around Plymouth.

We are Fuelled by a deep rooted passion, commitment, determination and philosophy; we help young people to fly, young people who feel they don’t have wings or a direction in life. By creating a springboard that empowers and enables our young people to be better connected to their value and see their potential whilst understanding the positive impact they can have within their community.

We do this through the 10 elements of Hip Hop, through genuine love and a true trust that every young person, no matter who, has a voice and sound that is worth listening to and amplifying. Street Factory CIC was established in 2007 by us & we are a husband and wife team, Toby & Jo Gorniak, and since then it has grown into a platform that has continually wrapped its arms around those that need us most, with hearts that feel and a passion that drives change.

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